Thank you Parliament!

On this day forty-two years ago, democracy started its journey towards maturity by unanimously adopting the Constitution. Democracy reached another milestone when Charter of Democracy was signed. The journey went on. And Parliamentary Democracy strengthened our federalism in 2010 with the passage of landmark 18th constitutional amendment that put us on the tedious road to … Continue reading Thank you Parliament!


Civil Society Gravely Concerned at Tuesday Turn of Events

Islamabad, 15 January 2013 We, the concerned citizens, human rights activists and civil society organizations, are watching with the gravest concern the fast-unfolding events in Islamabad today. It is the first time that a democratic dispensation was nearing its natural completion. We condemn the exploitation and the use of women and children as human shields … Continue reading Civil Society Gravely Concerned at Tuesday Turn of Events

Accountability of the Prime Accountability Institution: Parliament

With its triangular function of legislation, representation and oversight on the Executive Branch of the state, Parliament is normally considered to be the prime democratic institution to hold the governments and state institutions accountable, as well as articulate concerns on corrupt practices on behalf of citizens. In recent times, the same concern has been voiced … Continue reading Accountability of the Prime Accountability Institution: Parliament

Euthanasia to the Politics of Reconciliation

Mian Nawaz Sharif, Quaid of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) finally announced the expulsion of Pakistan Peoples Party Ministers from Punjab Cabinet while talking to newsmen on Friday February 25. As quoted by The Express Tribune, he gave the reason for his party’s decision as government’s failure to ‘…end corruption and improve economy’ and passing of … Continue reading Euthanasia to the Politics of Reconciliation

Political Maneuvering and Democracy

We are grateful to Riaz Toori for writing this piece for BAAGHI Pakistan’s political history is replete with palace intrigues, conspiracies and atrocious campaigns. The democratic history of this country is also not so estimable. Several factors stalled the growth of democracy in Pakistan. The major factor remains the autocracy that hardly dinted the democratic … Continue reading Political Maneuvering and Democracy