Thank you Parliament!

Pakistan Flag

On this day forty-two years ago, democracy started its journey towards maturity by unanimously adopting the Constitution.

Democracy reached another milestone when Charter of Democracy was signed.

The journey went on. And Parliamentary Democracy strengthened our federalism in 2010 with the passage of landmark 18th constitutional amendment that put us on the tedious road to provincial autonomy. Our representatives finally realised that our strength lies in our plurality. And that it was high time to realise our unity through diversity.

Our democracy passed a big milestone in 2013 with democratic transfer of power. Probably for the first time Pakistan has experienced second consecutive democratic tenure.

Our democracy was put to test by that little period of ‘revolution’. Last week people’s will triumphed when our citizens of 27 constituencies got back their voice in the parliament. Thank you PTI for coming back. Thank you PMLN & PPP for making it possible. Somethings however, could have been avoided in broader benefit of parliament’s sanctity. Hope our parliamentarians would keep it in mind.

Today our parliamentarians celebrated our first step towards democratic Pakistan, in the Parliament as Constitution Day.

Today was also the day that our representatives voiced our concerns on the floor of the House and adopted a Resolution to give a strong message to world’s powers – our friends and foes – that we would not be anyone’s client state anymore. If you want us on your side, we would look at our strategic interests and our ethical position.

Today, I am a proud citizen!


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