Civil Society Gravely Concerned at Tuesday Turn of Events

Islamabad, 15 January 2013

We, the concerned citizens, human rights activists and civil society organizations, are watching with the gravest concern the fast-unfolding events in Islamabad today.

It is the first time that a democratic dispensation was nearing its natural completion.

We condemn the exploitation and the use of women and children as human shields in the expensive drama being staged by the Canadian parachute Tahir-ul-Qadri.  It turned into farcical melodrama when the Supreme Court’s order to arrest the Prime Minister of Pakistan and 16 others re: the rental power case was announced in the middle of his speech being relayed live on Tuesday afternoon.  The well-trained emissary lost not a moment in making the linkage between his unConstitutional demands, incitement to treason and emotional blackmail with the SC’s order, terming it 50% success of his “million man (sic) long march” within 12 hours of the Islamabad sit-in.  We condemn this in the strongest terms.

Likewise, without going into its merits at all, we express, with due respect, our gravest concern at the curiously bad timing of the Honourable Supreme Court judgement/short order in the rental power case, which has been ongoing for months and months now.  We were hoping for and fully expecting the SC to take suo moto notice AGAINST Qadri’s unConstitutional stand and actions, instead of the OPPOSITE, which has wittingly or unwittingly made an unworthy hero out of Qadri.  It is inexplicably strange that Islamabad, the besieged capital, and Pakistan, a country in extreme crisis, had to witness this double whammy today. But perhaps it is not so strange and not a coincidence either.

We firstly wish to request the Honourable Supreme Court, with the utmost respect, to take all possible measures NOT to derail the democratic dispensation at this extremely critical juncture, no matter how flawed and non-performing its governance has been – which we decry and have been pointing out continuously over the last 5 years.

We demand that Qadri come out of the closet and inform Pakistanis of his mentors, whether stationed in Ottawa, MI5/London, Langley/Virginia, or indeed not too far away in Rawalpindi, or closer still, in Aabpara/Islamabad.  We warn him in the sternest language not to exploit the masses in the name of religion or poverty or basic needs.

We urgently demand that the federal Government, all the provincial Governments and all political parties immediately make a consensus statement regarding the election schedule, and their utmost resolve to uphold democracy and democratic norms.

We warn the armed forces of Pakistan NOT to stage either a direct or indirect coup d’etat, by either marching boots down Constitution Avenue, or by installing their proxy, whether in the form of Qadri or Khan or any retired general – or ANYONE.  The new Pakistan may not yet be at Tahrir Square, but we are not too far behind.  We are very closely monitoring the unfolding situation and we will not allow Jinnah’s Pakistan to be hijacked or derailed.  We are alive and we are alert.

Endorsed by:

Human rights activists, citizens:

  1. Tahira Abdullah
  2. Marvi Sirmed
  3. Samar Minallah
  4. Dr. Rakhshanda Perveen
  5. Ambreen Ahmad
  6. Naseer Memon
  7. Sirmed Manzoor
  8. Saleem Malik


  1. Ethnomedia
  3. Creative Anger
  4. WAF
  5. PRHN
  6. PODA
  7. Aurat Foundation
  8. Bedari
  9. WORD
  10. Rozan
  11. Khyber Pakhtunlhwa Civil Society Network
  12. Amn Tehreek
  13. SDPI



4 thoughts on “Civil Society Gravely Concerned at Tuesday Turn of Events

  1. Naushad Shafkat says:

    Agreed 100%. What is worrying is that ‘nationalist’ parties
    in the smaller provinces will gain political mileage and the common
    folk will fall prey to their machinations. We must show the
    fraudster from Canada what a real Tahrir Square looks


  2. Ash says:

    I as muslim male appreciate/endorse you efforts for the nahive women of country.
    I need your help in a matter /unjustice being dune with peopel of Havelian dist.ABBOTTABAD.
    National high way authority NHA, is accuring land for building of Hassan abdal Mansehra express way E-35.
    Kindly help the pøor peopel of Hazara from the havoc of NHA.PROTECT THE LIVELY HOOD OF WOMEN &CHILDREN.
    With better design/re allignment,damages can b minimized..
    I hope at least you would be vocal on this issue.


  3. Fayyaz says:

    It is unfortunate that Pakistan badly lacks leadership with vision in future. No Plans forethought ,no love for the nation, they can not visualize what is up for Islamabad. It’s coming fast if not soon. Imran is no different from others. Added with quality of being single track minded. He will burn his hands and do nothing for society. Mullahism will drown us. But who to rescue , no one they are all their God fathers of Taliban———— why they are not attacked——–Why—— because they are their fathers and Children of each other. We can’t get rid off them and
    Allah knows better if peace will prevail in our society. I miss my peaceful Lahore of 60s.


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