Accountability of the Prime Accountability Institution: Parliament

With its triangular function of legislation, representation and oversight on the Executive Branch of the state, Parliament is normally considered to be the prime democratic institution to hold the governments and state institutions accountable, as well as articulate concerns on corrupt practices on behalf of citizens. In recent times, the same concern has been voiced about the parliaments, especially in South Asian societies. The integrity and accountability of parliament is as important as is that of the Executive Branch. General perception is that the accountability of parliament is ensured through the elections. But considering the long stretch of time between two elections, this seems insufficient mechanism of accountability. It is, this, incorporated within the constitutions and in rules of Business of the parliaments, whereby they (parliaments) present themselves for accountability. It was importance of this emerging concern that pressed me to explore the integrity & accountability mechanisms for the parliament, ingrained in Pakistan’s constitution and the Rules.

Following presentation was given on the request of Ms. Hina Jilani, Chair of South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR), to one of their conferences in late August this year. I thought to post it here for the benefit of students of political science and the posterity. Hope you find this useful. Your feedback would be warmly welcomed and appreciated.

Marvi Sirmed


8 thoughts on “Accountability of the Prime Accountability Institution: Parliament

  1. Abdul Basit Langah says:

    Dear medam, you have really been doing an overwhelming job. let me say you very honestly that i am one of your big fans. after watching some of your interviews both on tv and youtube, i found you a great leader who is frequently struggling to fight for human rights in general and minority in personal. i believe that pakistani muslms have inflicted countless atrocities upon the peaceful hindus and christians. they are the peace loving and innocent peoples. a big conspiracy is being hatched against minorities to clear them completely from the pakistan. it’s very interesting to know that we dont find any crime story published/broadcasted in media in which a non muslim is accused. but we find all the crimes committed by the muslims. i have been frequntly trying to get your personal email and cell no but couldn’t. i have many to discuss to discuss with you.however, i also want to organize the interfaith conference in my home district khairpur, sindh. though, khairpur is a very sensitive district where atleast once in a month communal clash takes place.but i am determined to organize it. in this regard i need you help.i would be very thsnkful to you if you could kindly give me your cell no as i could contact you and discuss with you about my program.

    Abdul Basit Langah
    International Member, Amnesty International UK
    Khairpur, Sindh
    Cell: 0300-3537075/0334-2727437


  2. Kabeer Hashmi says:

    i am not getting my answers as that i am.IT was not the question.The q uestion is about the different cultures,the languages ,the peoples,the civilizations living for centuries and now representing by corrupt so called federation,the islamic republic.



  3. Abdullah Ahmed says:

    I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but I will find you And Kill you.
    What you saw today was a trailer. The real movie begins NOW.


    • Usman Shahid says:

      That’s all cowards like you can do or I would say, think of. Read your name, which refers to two personalities, Abudllah and Ahmed. Read about their lives too. I am not sure if you’re sane or have a brain, but if you do have, use it. It will help you in the world and hereafter.


  4. Sachin Joshi says:

    Dear Marvi, when fundamentalists run out of argument they resort to killing and violence, this Abdullah Ahmed is another worm of such kind, but you must take the warning seriously, I hope you’ve enough security provided by Pakistani government, if that doesn’t happen, the doors of India are always open for you, God bless you.


  5. Muhammad Khurram says:

    Marvi, As you are predicting Pakistan a totally negative picture from the birth till 66 years of its existence among the nation, and spread the Secularism about Great Quaid under the supervision of RAW and Anti-Islamic Organization or probably to get Foreign Aid to promote your Anti-Pakistan Movement through your HARDWORK, I just intend to say you that, You and Your India will be no more Inshallah, You only said while viewing you in front of mirror that you are alike your brother Ram Parsad, or your husband and you stimulates him only while using a BINDI (Whatever), We as a Muslim are not down to earth in favor of India.
    I will hoist the Pakistani Flag on Lal Qila India, just wait and watch
    I will not abuse you, because you are not worthy for that.


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