Supreme Court and Public Accounts Committee

Sharing with you this important document, which has left me shocked and extremely disappointed in the ‘wisdom’ of those who need to be the wisest. Amid all kinds of corruption allegations on politicians being pursued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCOP), one case got special treatment by the worthiest men of of this country – the graft case of Mr. Arsalan Iftikhar. Iftikhar is a 34 years old ‘innocent boy’ who was reportedly ‘lured’ into accepting a not-s-small sum of money from one Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon who knows how to make the mare go. The innocence of Mr. Iftikhar is further proven by the fact that he happens to be the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan. The case was thus, taken up by none other than CJP himself, as a suo-moto action under Section 184(3) which allows the CJP to move the court if the case pertains to violation of fundamental rights and is of public interest. The case, definitely is of public interest and violates Mr. Iftikhar’s right to remain innocent for the rest of his life! The case, as was right thing to do, was disposed of by mildly lecturing all parties to ‘behave’.

Why is it important to recall Mr. Iftikhar? Because his was not the only case where the worthy court to be partisan for its own interest. Responding to Public Accounts Committee, the elected watch body over the Auditor General of Pakistan that called Registrar of Supreme Court to present himself before the Committee and explained some overspending by the SCOP. Guess what happens next? The wise men in SCOP, came up with a document that conveniently leaves everyone in the SCOP outside the ambit of any elected watch body that oversees the transparency of financial transaction by public institutions including SCOP. Have a lok over how the Registrar of SCOP – an official who is not a judge – exonerates himself from legislature’s scrutiny.

One wonders who is going to ensure transparency when even the most responsible institutions of this country try to evade law on the pretext of law. Ironic and sad. The language used in this document and disregard for transparency makes my wish it must not be what the worthy men in SCOP meant. Have a good reading experience please!
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7 thoughts on “Supreme Court and Public Accounts Committee

  1. Naushad Shafkat says:

    Thank you for bringing this out. Yes, those who sit in judgment on others should be the first to open themselves for scrutiny. Sadly all the holy examples end just here. It is indeed a shame that the Chief Justice has just gone overboard and thinks that he is another Zia – out to circumcise us all into being Muslims once again-Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar notwithstanding.


  2. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    This is what we got in 65 years of our terrible history? Judicial Corporation (Judges + their staff + their families) is all above the Law, is it a kind of another Great Marshal Law? If one raises an objection to them based on constitution, they uphold Quran as supreme, if one raises another objection based on morality, they uphold constitution as supreme, so they have different tools in different situation, they use anything which suits them and discard anything if it doesnt suits them. If these are our Final SUPREME courts, one can easily imagine levels of our lower courts:) The Question is ‘How on earth is it possible that this judicial corporation declared themselves as IMMUNE’? Simple answer is ‘ Because they have blind but ironic support from black sheeps/mullahs/self-proclaimed righteous right-wingers etc’. Any sane person can not stand or support with this kind of judicial mockery.

    Iftikhar Hussain
    London (UK)


  3. Abid Ghaffar says:

    Rloger-hood i am big fan of your cause for humanity in general and Our Society/Country in Particular. Almost browsed all of your blogs in curiosity, was’nt able to find an iota of even doubtable praise for 200 Million people.
    Hav u not been able to find any appreciation for 200 million people? Let them hav some mercy, some respect of yours.
    Have you not listened/confronted any good news from this country or its people in all you 20 years strong struggle?
    Would u help me find a single author of any nation who has made this record? or has the guts to brake your record.


  4. M. Fakhar Hasan says:

    Subject: Immediate Attention Is Requested

    Respected Sir,

    My about one year salary in Lahore office is held due to mismanagement at GM Finance office at TF (Telecom Foundation) Headquarters Islamabad. Several requests have already been forwarded to Federal Secretary Ministry of IT & Telecom (HOLDING THE POSITION OF CHAIRMAN TF) paid no attention to the issue.

    Its not the forum to discuss my monthly salary only Rs 16000 fixed for a qualified Electrical Engineer from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore having 16 years experience performing his duties with duties with full devotion and sincerity for the last about one decade but it’s the time to draw your attentions towards the non payment of salary since last year and there is no sign to get the pending salary before Eid.

    I have already informed the authorities that I am left with no money to reach office and in a very bad shape to fulfill the minimum requirements of my children on Eid even I am afraid that to have enough money to bring milk for Eid day to prepare “Dood Sawayan”.

    In this Holy Month of Ramazan where huge donations and Zakat are made for deserving people why not pay attention to help a person who is not beggar, only request for the release of his own earning stuck in office.

    Please help me, I will pray for your health and success in future life.

    Best regards

    M. Fakhar Hasan
    Manager ISO/QC
    PCI, a Telecom Foundation Unit in Lahore


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