Rinkle Kumari – the New Marvi of Sindh

Originally published in The Friday Times in its April 13-19, 2012 issue

Rinkle Kumari - reportedly abducted and forcibly converted to Islam

Malalai Yusafzai, the brilliant Pakistani girl who defied Taliban’s dictation and stood firm on getting educated and persuaded her peers to do so, is a face of Pakistan that we all want to see. More and more. With pride and denial. We like to see Malalai in denial of Rinkle. Rinkle Kumari, the 19 years old Sindhi Hindu girl who was kidnapped and allegedly forcibly converted to Islam before coercively marrying her to a Muslim Naveed Shah. The ones who show this uncomfortable face of Pakistan are condemned to be the ‘traitors’ and ‘Pakistan-haters’. If trying to correct these painful imperfections of our society is treason, let me commit it for once. Rinkle’s story needs to be told loudly and to everyone.

Rinkle was kidnapped on February 24 by Naveed Shah and four other people. Police refused to lodge an FIR and to include the names of the influential Mian Aslam, Mian Rafique and their father Mian Mithu. She was produced in the court of Civil Judge Ghotki where she insisted on going to her family but the judge illegally sent her to the police custody in Sukkur Women’s Police Station.

In sheer mockery of the President of Pakistan and his party Co-Chairperson, Mithu announced in front of many civil society activists that if Rinkle’s custody is snatched from him, he will set Mirpur Mathelo ablaze. The president had given a media statement against forced conversions earlier that day. “Come what may, justice will have to prevail” was the answer in a firm strong voice when I asked Raj Kumar, Rinkle’s uncle, if he was scared. Probably this resolve has come from years of persecution and injustice. “It has been decades that Hindu girls have been abducted and forcibly converted. We hear little or no voice at all against this oppression,” said Amar Lal, counsel to Rinkle Kumari’s family.Notwithstanding the support that media and civil society demonstrated for Rinkle, the state response remains an enigma. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court opened a long pending constitutional petition against forced conversions, filed in 2007 by Pakistan Hindu Council, and contained the names of three relatively recent cases of forced conversions including Rinkle Kumari. It was this intervention that finally infused courage in Rinkle Kumari, who spoke her heart to the CJ in camera on March 26, following which he announced in presence of national and international media that Rinkle wanted to go to her mother while Lata was double minded. He ascertained that the girls seemed to be under serious pressure, were continuously crying, were refusing to go with police. In such circumstances, honourable Chief Justice opined that before recording any free-will statement, they should be provided free atmosphere. He ordered to shift her to Panah, the shelter home run by Justice (R) Majida Razvi in Karachi. As soon as he made this announcement, Rinkle screamed in front of media that she wanted to go to her mother.

After the CJ passed orders to shift her to the shelter house, Rinkle started crying and screaming in the court, as reported by KTN TV channel, that she wanted to go to her mother. She also shrieked ear-piercingly that she will not go to the shelter house and would rather like to sleep in the court. It was heart rending to hear her say in the court that she doubted if she could get any justice in a system where majority is Muslim and wanted to make her Muslim forcibly, which is why she thought they were helping each other, not her. Prior to this hearing, every event that happened under this case screamed at the loudest, sheer weakness of the system of justice, moral bankruptcy in our institutions, our collective hypocrisy and helplessness of the highest state authorities to reign in the rogue elements of the society.

Hindu community was completely banished from attending court proceedings in Mirpur Mathelo, the other party, however, did not have any such pressure. While only four family members of Rinkle Kumari were allowed in the premises and only two in the courtroom, thousands of Mithu’s men chanted slogans outside the court and hundreds were present inside the court. An open display of weapons was a clear message to the court and judges, who could not ask any of the weapon-wielding Allah-o-Akbar chanting beards out of the court. Under these circumstances, when Rinkle was still in police custody, god knows how she managed to organize a press conference among, of course, Mian Mithu’s men and with a Bluetooth mobile device stuck in her right ear. West is bad for conspiring against Islam, but Western technology is apparently good for Islam’s spread!

When she was being dictated via blue tooth, Rinkle tried hard to satisfy questioning journalists and forgot what inspired her to embrace Islam. ‘Sura Eeklus’, she tried to pronounce Sura Ikhlaas twice, unsuccessfully though. When asked about the meaning or gist of the contents of Sura Ikhlas, she was dumbstuck and was forcibly taken out by Mithu’s son. Yes, you read it right. While in Police custody, she was under complete control of Mithu’s men. Media also learned in this press conference that Rinkle actually does not even know Naveed Shah, who she was married to hours after abduction. At 5am she was abducted from her home on February 24, at 3pm the same day she was married. Honourable Court might ask Mithu what made him make this important decision of the life of an independent woman, even if she had embraced Islam, in such a hurry?

One is flabbergasted to see so many of us not asking some basic but direct questions. Who is Mian Mithu? What is his interest for pursuing this case? He is neither Sajjada Nasheen of Bharchundi Shareef, as had been wrongly reported by some section of media initially, nor he is remotely related to Naveed Shah, with whom Rinkle allegedly eloped and embraced Islam. The Sajjada Nasheen (caretaker) of the Bharchundi Shareef dargah, Mian Abdul Khaliq, who happens to be Mian Mithu’s nephew has categorically condemned what Mithu has done under the garb of Islam. Not only him, Sajjada Nasheens of many other Dargahs (shrines) have joined in condemning Mithu’s actions, including Dargah Shah Latif, Dargah Jhok Sharif, Dargah Sachal Sayeen and Jot Jalan (the man who lights the candle / diya at the shrine) of Dargah Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Even the Council of Islamic Ideology’s Maulana Shirani has categorically said that forcible conversion is no conversion, is rather a sin.

On April 10, Mian Mithu along with many of his supporters, held a seminar in an expensive hotel in Islamabad. In the seminar, Mithu is reported to have threatened the Supreme Court that if it gives judgment against him, he will not follow the apex court, but will follow the shariah – his own version thereof. When reminded about the President, who is head of the party Mithu belongs to, Mithu was reported to be quick to disdainfully say, “I will see the president. No one dares challenge me”. After threats from Mithu and firing by his men on Manohar Lal, Rinkle’s grandfather, the whole family had to leave Mirpur Mathelo and shift to Karachi. Three top men from Hindu community of District Ghotki are pointedly under Mithu’s threat, renowned human rights activist Mr Amar Lal, saint Sadh Ram, Rinkle’s uncle Mr Raj Kumar. No one seems to have any control on the power of this unrestrained self proclaimed clergyman.

The important question that the Superior Court has is, what will Rinkle’s family, Hindu community of District Ghotki and especially these three respectable men would do if Rinkle is allowed to join her family after the upcoming hearing on 18th March? Who will provide security to them? Is the rotten and visibly tilted structure of state institutions to be trusted by the down trodden? Is the Superior Court empowered enough to provide justice and security to Hindu community of Ghotki? If not, who will? This case poses biggest challenge to the Superior Court in its entire history. The Hindu community, in this case, represents the most down trodden sections of the society, which came out on streets in 2007 in the hope of an independent justice system. This justice system includes law enforcing agencies and lower courts. Even if Rinkle goes back to her family, an independent judicial enquiry on the role of Ghotki Police and Civil Judges should be instituted and criminal record of Mian Mithu and his sons should be produced in the court. The question arises why in last six months, kidnapping of Hindu girls, forced conversions and abduction of Hindu and Christian youngsters and saints is increased? “They want us to leave the country. They are forcing us to flee from our motherland. But we will not deter,” said Amar Lal, Rinkle’s counsel.

It is sheer mockery of judiciary when the powerful uses its system to oppress the powerless, that too, with impunity. Mithu mocked not only the law but the honourable court as well, when he sent his armed men to the court premises. He ridiculed police and all law-enforcing mechanism when he fetched Rinkle in his private car and arranged her press conference when she was in police custody. He belittled the parliament when being a part of it he violated law of land. He scorned the head of the state when he said he “will see the President”. Will any of these pillars of the state respond with iron will?


38 thoughts on “Rinkle Kumari – the New Marvi of Sindh

  1. Mohsin shah says:

    iman mujhe rok hai jo khinche hai mujhe kufr
    kaba mere piche hai kalisa mere age

    ashiq hun pe mashuqfarebi hai mera kam
    majnun ko bura kahti hai laila mere age


  2. Sahaba Ka Ghulam says:

    If she was forcefully converted then why in-front of whole media she didn’t claimed that. Why she recite Qalma in-front of all the channels. Do you have any answer to that you Indian lovers. Two Muslim girls were kidnapped by hindu community nobody even raise his voice against it. Ask CJ to take verdict of your Rinkle Kumari infront of all the cameras and full security. so you may have any proof of what bull shit you have written above.


    • Iftikhar Hussain says:

      They already explained everything in SCP, i.e. it was forced conversion in abduction. Why you are upset on Marvi’s Press Conference?? Are you GHULAM of Mian Mithu type of people?? If you are, then you should be worried, because people of Pakistan are now awakening after a long sleep.

      Iftikhar Hussain


    • Jitendra Patel says:

      Saale tu to aise bol raha he jaise tujhe pata nahi ki tumhari media aur system ki ki dal pak rahi he. “apne ghar me to kutta bhi sher hota he” and if muslim of pak, have so much guts than where it goes while war against India, almost 3 to 4 times we have won against you people. Is there any meaning in torturing the innocents, In our India all including muslims are treated equally, Muslims are on class one positions in India. Be human as you have given birth by humans not by animals, Try to concentrate on development, or you people will not get even food to eat.


    • Jitendra Patel says:

      Head bows with respect and honor before you Marviji, I dont know more things about you as I’m from India,but watching the videos on youtube and the way you talk fight that too alone with a confidence, hats off to you mam. I can understand how critical situations, extortion are suffered by our Hindu community there in Pakistan. Really, I have tried my best to spread this issue on facebook, I too have some political support but, we are helpless, everyone says that,”insaano ko samjhana aasan he janvaro ko nahi” we can just recommend you people that try something to come to India legally ,”yaha par to muslims bhi kushi se rehte he”, Firstly I was very tempered by this issue, you cant believe I’m searching all articles, videos about this Rinkle Kumari case from afternoon. System and media should be feel shame, that they are supporting this animals torturing innocents, Will pray Bhagwan Ramji that he will bless you with good potentials,healthy and prosperous life. sorry if any wrong word written or in any way I have hurted you. your unknown brother Jitendra Patel.(Pune,Maharashtra,India)


  3. kakar says:

    Great article. It serves the highest moral cause human beings can think of. It is a voice raised not for seeking self interest, glory and power. Every world speaks volumes of intensity of feelings for helpless girl coerced to convert against her will. Every one can read between the lines what the real motives lurk below the veneer of piousness.


  4. Scorpion king says:

    Respected Marvi! You should be there to protect these innocent stupid girls from these ——–. You are the only hope who could protect them from these feudal of interior sindh


  5. rahnoma says:

    Mian Mithu is vagabond type of guy in Sindh, there are over 100 cases against him and his son. I think State should take serious action against these forced conversions and all Mullahs should be banned from speaking their rants on Media. Their elders declared tv as haram. They should either follow them or reject them completely.


    • john kizon says:

      isnt there any man in this society…ask him to travel to australia nd i promise he neither of his companianons will ever come back to ur country nd this is a promise.


  6. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    Hi Marvi

    I am very sad to read this story. I hope your courageous Press Conference should be noticed by top ranks, and these innocent girls could get justice.
    It is very painful that these kinds of heinous crimes are going on & on under the name of religion. These are the serious flaws when State adopts regligion (in fact any religion). There are hundreds of thousands of Pakistani ahmadis, hindus/christians who flew and got refuge in UK, countless Hindus migrated to India because of fear, religious persecution, forced conversion, threats, abductions, rapes etc.

    I fully support your demand and millions of Pakistanis are asking that ‘Quad’s 1947 speech should be included in Constitution, any article/amendment who voilates Quad’s 1947 speech should be null and void’.
    In other words, our whole consititution must be based on Quad’s speech.

    Best Regards

    Iftikhar Hussain


  7. Sahaba Ka Ghulam says:

    I think after yesterday’s decision of he girls all mouth should be shut up. If SC would have asked all these girls to take your decision in-front of the court then your comments would be “they were forced to say ask them in some safe place”. Our media showed hypocrisy yesterday not airing the decision of the girls as all of you failed to force the girl to revert back to what they’d left by their own. This is not awakening Iftikhar Hussain sb. I am what I am and don’t need your medals for that. Let’s see whose gonna win. Liberal Terrorist of Religious Terrorist.


    • john kizon says:

      i think u need to shut the fuck up…whts wrongs its wrong..respect ur ladies damit…well written article marvi,i wish any of these ever travel to australia nd i can pass them to hell…u bloody puffts


  8. sarwan says:

    don’t take it personal oky i agree with you? can you answer me which law and which religion restrict to meet a mother from his daughter who gives birth his daughter …. even all religion allow that a mother can meet with his children but here something difference…. i don’t know about conversion whose is right whose is wrong GOD knows truth?,… i have no problem if she became Muslim. according Islam it is honor to became Muslim this what “hidayat” which is from GOD? but still we need latest weapon outside court room so that she can’t run or meet with her parents? if this is “hidayat” from” ALLAH” then why those weapon? because i believe that no can challenge GOD decision?
    still i am saying i don’t know GOD know better and HE will do justice may be late but HE will? because HE is true judge and in HIS court room all are equal? i am waiting for HIS Justice.?


  9. Punit says:

    No offence to anyone,but it seems to me that their is no place for tolerance in islam(not talking about the holy book but just muslim countries).the no. of sane people are too few in any islamic state.i forgot to mention that you guys have ‘hollywood fantasy’ obsessed hate mongering kids like zaid hamid as def analyst.
    Best wishes to all sane people of pakistan.


  10. shaukat ali shaikh says:

    Miyan Methu is a devil with homosapience face. He must be hanged at any square in public & should be beaten by Chappals 100 times by the Rinkle in every 2minutes interval before hanging the rascal who not only perscuting innocent girl but making mockery of Islam.


  11. Dipu says:

    Abduction & Rape legalised under the name of Islam and Conversion. Shame on Pakistan Govt & law enforcement agencies.


  12. A World Citizen and a Good Human! That's all I want to be! says:

    Ms. Marvi,
    I admire you for your courage and persistence. I am speechless that almost entire Pakistani society is trying to justify these incidents and directly or indirectly supporting Mian Mithoo (who everyone knows is a criminal, but no one dares to point finger at) and his goons! Don’t they realize that tomorrow it could be their daughter (hindu or muslim doesn’t matter in this case) that could be abducted by some other goons, will the entire Pakistani society maintain similar stance then?? I have an appeal to ALL PAKISTANIS: I know that majority of you are good at heart and would never dream of such heinous crimes. WHY THEN THAT THE PAKISTANI HINDU COMMUNITY HAS TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE ON THEIR OWN AND YOU ALL WATCH IT FROM SIDE-LINES??? WHY IS THE ENTIRE PAKISTANI SOCIETY – AT LEAST EDUCATED ONES – ARE NOT STEPPING FORWARD TO RESCUE THOSE INNOCENT GIRLS? Are you so scared of Mian Mithoo’s goons that you would let even your daughters and sisters be kidnapped by such criminals? These are your sisters and daughters too!

    Also, Ms. Marvi, I am in absolute dis-belief that Pakistan’s Chief Justice would not get these innocent girls the justice they deserve!! This is the same justice that was awarded Harvard Law School’s highest honor award that has been awarded to only two other people besides him in the entire history of the Harvard Law School??? May I request you to contact Ms. Elena Kagan, Dean of Harvard Law School and seek her help? If a request detailing such an injustice is presented to her, I am hopeful that she might be able to help drive the future direction in some ways!!

    In the wake of the imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan, on 14 November 2007, the Harvard Law School[11] decided to award its highest honour, the Medal of Freedom, to Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, following the military crackdown the previous week. He becomes the first Pakistani to be presented with such honour and a third person in world to receive this award other than Nelson Mandela and Oliver Hill.

    I am appealing all “educated” and “good-hearted” muslims around the world: please don’t attempt justifying what is absolutely, clearly wrong! Don’t sacrifice your human-pride for your religious fanaticism! PLEASE!! Stand up now, put your hand on the head of your sister or daughter and swear that you will never allow such heinous crimes – NOT NOW AND NEVER AGAIN!!

    I am so sorry to see Pakistan as a country degrading and decaying at such a fast pace! However, I have still not lost my faith in humanity and I am really hopeful that in coming weeks, there are enough people around the world that will stand-up with you and those innocent girls.

    By the way, after leaning about this story, I was googling when I found http://www.hafsite.org/ that might be a good connection for you to have in the outside world.

    Best regards,
    A human, whose only desire is to be a good, contributing member to the humanity.


  13. A World Citizen and a Good Human! That's all I want to be! says:

    Oh yes, one more thing…. I watched your interview on CNBC Pakistan and was in complete disbelief that the interviewer was so scared of Mian Mithu! How about you contacting the CNBC HQ or their parent company NBC? And other western media? You might as well send messages to US President and influential senators – use help from the hafsite.org referenced in previous message if need be. Whatever it takes, Mian Mithu and his sons (and likes of them) need to be stopped, and punished!!


  14. Amit says:

    fantastic article! I’m pleasently surprised and happy to see the support Rinkle story is getting from the Pakistani citizens. Great job, Marvi.


  15. abhi says:

    this has lowered the image of islam again
    Killing on the name of allah…conversion on the name of allah
    Sometimes i begin to think is allah is god or ‘satan’ …..how could people justify such an act …that too in the name of religion
    Be humen before becoming muslim


  16. ahmad says:

    forefathers of all indian moslims were hindus or sikhs. if these girls accept islam what is problem with that as long this is not forced. and it can not be forced. these girls are not babies. I congratulate them and hope that all hindus will accept islam once day inshallah.


    • aparajita says:

      hi ahmad,
      thanks for treating Hindus of Pakistan in explanatory way, and yes your forefathers WERE Hindus…but how were they sorted to Islam???Well no one apart from Rinkal could have told The world if she is allowed to…


  17. Zainab says:

    Marvi stop your lies and propoganda against Pakistan and Islam. Rinkal Kumari stated in open court and in front of media that she converted of her own choice and free will and that she wanted to live with her Muslim husband. You have an anti-Pakistan agenda and spin every story to suit your hidden agenda.


    • Marvi Sirmed says:

      Mustafa sahib, You don’t know about my religion. So how can you know whether I’ve converted or not? I’d request you to kindly stop worrying about my god, you have no business with my religion. Bless you. Khush rahiye.


      • anupam says:

        @Sirmed.. HI.. can u make a visit to India sometime. I really applaud for the courage you have shown. please do come to India and do a wide conference. make it a big event. I am sure you deserve a wide and Intellectual set of people to hear your voice. people like you are much needed to the world. great woman.. I wish i could can get a chance to meet you once. right from the Rinki case i read other posts of yours, amazing work. but it is sad some set of people cannot consider and adopt the change you want to bring in.. wish u all strength and will u need.


  18. parth says:

    It is a humble request please take care of minorities and if your government can’t do that then plz send this peoples to India we would love to welcome them and help them …just imagine if this would have happened with your sister or mother than what you guys have done…for us she is our sister let her live her life on her mother and father


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