Pakistan’s Secret Document

This is a supposedly secret document from Pakistan Army’s archives that someone fom our soldiers dutifully shared with Steve Coll, the author of “Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001″, who is currently writing for The New Yorker. The same New Yorker that came up with the story by Nicholas Schmidle on August 8, 2011, Getting Bin Laden: What happened that night in Abbottabad with almost minute to minute account of trapping OBL and his subsequent killing. Coll was on a visit to Pakistan in February this year when he met with few Generals and army officers, during which he was handed over this document as Pak army’s strategic campaigning tool. The document is titled as “Ten Years Since 9/11: Our Collective Experience (Pakistan’s Experience)” with a label “Secret” on every page. Published in The New Yorker on March 29, 2012, the 12-page document is posted below:

Click on the image to view the whole document


5 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Secret Document

  1. Meerza says:

    yar sara document tau parhain,
    let us check the intellect of the booton waliu sarkar,
    What if it is a fake or was intentionally planted ?
    Complete Contents would give comprehensive answers.
    Umahs beauties


  2. Bhavya Ketan says:

    Pakistan’s foreign policy was made to change after the 9/11 attacks on the US. It’s Establishment decided to play a double game: Helping the NATO forces on one hand and supporting the Taliban on the other hand. But now this secret is out.


  3. Salman Ahmed Usmani says:

    Marvi Sermed, A very informative document about Pakistan Army’s policy options about the end game in Afghanistan. It looks to be a authentic document specially it has already been published by The New Yorker on 29th March as narrated by you. However I have not seen your bold and analytical views on this subject which would certainly interest readers like me.


  4. Abid Ghaffar says:

    Dear friends, its no irony that Pakistan played/playing double game. Each country has the right to do so/ and are doing. Any body can remind you of iran–contra scandal, or not-too-secret nuclear deal of India-Iran. Yes the above letter can be interesting for Montessori students. But its dead wood for other.
    Acclaimed Rlogger hood should not play with the minds of innocent poor.


  5. Saleem Hatoum says:

    Secret document my foot and in the hands of Steve Cole of all the people, can someone ask him when was the last time he put his filthy foot on Pakistani soil??? On authenticity of this ‘Secret’ document come on, Pakistan army is quoting The Economist magazine as a reference and giving estimated bar figures along with figures which Imran Khan says…this is utter bullsh!t


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