We Will Fight Back – Rest Assure!

It was the early morning of Friday Oct 1, 2010 when we woke up to some unusual noise. By the time we got up and came out of our bedrooms, the un-invited guests had already left. They took with them all our important documents including passports, our laptops along with all the data related gadgets as well as some minor jewelry items and an old tv set. It was rather strange to see that many precious gadgets and expensive things including multi-media projector, scanner, digital cameras, video camera, DVD players, Play Stations, etc were not even touched. They had searched every thing – every small corner, drawer, cabinet of the house. They did not wake us up or try to enter the bedrooms. They also partially consumed the fruits lying in the lounge and made sure to put the left-overs at prominent places. They consumed all the drinks present in the dining room.

The police responded to our call in record time of 6 minutes. But when they came, examined the circumstantial evidence and recorded our statements, they probably guessed who our unwanted guests were. After that, the police never turned up, not even for forensic examination of the crime site until we approached Senator Rehman Malik, Minister for Interior and Mr. Kaleem Imam, Inspector General of Police, who directed the in-charge of the relevant police station to get the forensic done and start investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, on second day of the crime, someone once again tried to jump into house through the rear boundary wall of the house. Moreover, the presence of at least three men was noticed who continued to keep surveillance of our house, sometimes on foot, sometimes on motor bikes. It was the night of October 6, when someone entered the house once again, made his presence felt, assured that inmates see him, and fled.

I brought it to the notice of the government through phone calls and through my letter to editor Daily Times published on October 7. I’m grateful to South Asian Media Commission to issue following statement on this incidence.

It may also be mentioned here, that on our request government has given us police protection while we were conveyed a message by an intelligence agency of our country that we must become “true Pakistanis” and refrain from looking and sounding like “dushman” (enemy).

May I put here loud and clear. We, my husband, my daughter and myself, are Pakistanis and don’t need to prove our love for our country to anyone. Also, please come out of your shroud and talk to us instead of breaking into our house like thieves. Come and talk. Otherwise, we’d take up the case to wherever we can. Beware.

Statement from South Asian Media Commission

LAHORE: The South Asia Media Commission (SAMC) is shocked to learn of a “robbery” at the house of Sirmed Manzoor, a senior journalist and chief coordinator of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA). Some men entered his house through a window on the night of Thursday and Friday and “stole” three passports belonging to his wife Marvi, daughter and him along with other papers and documents. They also took away three laptops, an Ipad, hard disk drives, a TV and gold jewelry. “It is not a plain and simple robbery,” said Manzoor, “I suspect some agency is involved in it and my suspicion is based on a fact that they took away our data, and travelling documents which could be of no use to anyone”.
He told the SAMC that he and his family are now being harassed after the robbery as another attempt was made on October 6 when a man dressed in white tried to enter the house from the back, but left immediately. “My daughter and maids are harassed and I have no formal security by the state or government despite many requests”, he added. “I want a formal investigation into the matter”, said Mr. Manzoor.
SAMC fully supports this demand and requests Interior Minister Rehman Malik to investigate these “hidden hands” behind this robbery who have stolen data and passports, said Mr. Najam Sethi, Secretary General of SAMC. The culture of arbitrary action of these “hidden hands” is very old and obnoxious, because no accountability of these hands was ever possible under any regime, which is very frustrating, said Mr. Sethi.

But, he continued, we hope that democratic governments will make some efforts to at least control the unlimited and unaccountable powers of these agencies. The SAMC demands that the interior ministry should provide protection to his family and ensure that the circle of harassment ends, said Mr. Sethi. If Umar Cheema was roughed up by the agencies, the same agencies have struck again, said Mr. Sethi, and we must all raise our voice in protest.


117 thoughts on “We Will Fight Back – Rest Assure!

  1. Shiraz Raj. says:

    It is yet another example of misplaced patriotism in service of fascism, which come heavy on any free mind, courageous soul and awake conscience. We all should not be scared. But a very active and hectic campaign is also needed. You are right in saying that you dont need to prove your patriotism to anybody, any organization or agency. I hope that the cowards have not been able to harrass the young Ravail. Bravo.


    • a m malik says:

      Mr Shiraz
      Rather then jumping with sympathy to Ms Sirmed Manzoor I have yet to read as to the probable reason that this happenned. This fact has completely been avoided. Only then can we be in a position to say anything. When agencies are metioned it need be clear whther IB ,FIA, or ISI.


      • Baaghi says:

        @a m malik,

        Malik sahib, I appreciate your concern. But as a matter of fact, no intelligence agency / law-enforcing agency has any right to enter my house and damage the sanctity of my four walls with out my consent in any circumstances, unless the honourable court asks them to do so.

        Secondly, how would the victim know the details of their identity? How would I / my family know the exact name of agency? Thats what we are demanding, a transparent and non-partisan probe into the matter. Who-so-ever it is, should come out. Wouldn’t you agree?


  2. Usman Qazi says:

    After hearing about the incident, I had no doubt in my mind that it was none other than the “Jackals” who broke into your house. I also have no doubts that such cowardly acts are not going to subdue the mighty spirits of the Sirmed family.


  3. Kamran Shafi says:

    Well said!
    I am with you all the way, and say with all the strength at my command that these low, mean and despicable tactics must stop!!
    How can an agency of state arrogate to itself the nomenclature, “Patriotic”. As we well know patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
    Yes, let these goons come out from under their shrouds and face those of us it deems “unpatriotic”, and I’ll tell them where their so-called patriotism has brought this country!!


    • Baaghi says:

      @Kamran Shafi,

      Thank you so much sir. Your moral support and extremely kind words mean so much to us.

      You have said it all, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” – yes and they must know it by now. They have to review their hackneyed and infamous tactics now.


  4. Bilal says:

    They have learned to operate like any criminal mafia. They don’t convict you. Punishment/brutality is the only weapon they have been using. Appreciate your courage.


  5. Haris Khan says:

    Shame on ISI.They have targeted Imtiaz Alam,Umar Cheema,Hamid Mir,Shakeel Turabi and many other journalists in the past.Why journalist community is silent over this issue?May be because Marvi Sarmad was silent when Umar Cheema was beaten,when Hamid Mir became a target of a conpiracy hatched by pro-Taliban elements in ISI and when son of Shakeel Turabi was abducted.These jackals will take advantage of divisions within media and civil media.


  6. touche says:

    Unfortunate and uncalled for. The gestapo like functioning will not bring any good to the nation, and its time (sorry to use the words) they act civilized.
    Kudos to you for the bravery shown in your environment. Keep safe and best wishes.
    Baksh do

    on a lighter note;
    You may like to see “Home Alone”!


  7. Right Shooter says:

    It’s like living under Hitler or Stalin or Chengiz Khan. IT is suffocating and painful to have no right for ‘justice’ being made available and met. We all hope, your fight for establishment of ‘Rule of Reasons and Humanity’ succeeds. We don’t have the capacity and courage to do any thing good and important for the development of humanity and civilization, and rest in our cocoons of false safety. it’s shameful. Kudos to you and your family.


  8. Shah Alam Khan says:

    II am appalled to learn about this clear and blatant encroachment on your democratic space. I presume its time the civil society of your country stands united in efforts to curb freedom of speech and expression. As Indians we have experienced what it is like to be gagged.
    Henry Steele Commager had once said, “the fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion.” I hope you are able to fight the menace out!
    Count many across the line as supporting your cause.


  9. Tariq Amin says:

    I am happy to see that you folks are challenging the status quo. It is possibly a sign of your collective effectiveness, and of having made a difference, that has prompted the intel. spooks to break into your home. I commend you for having the courage to fightback.

    In solidarity,


  10. sherbaz khan says:

    Progressive youth front condemned this act of agencies of mafia of pakistan, dame, and shame on them,
    down with imperialistic, and other aim of paki intelligence agencies.


    • Keyboard Stand says:

      Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.


  11. IDREES KAMAL says:

    AMN TEHRIK strongly condemn this act of secret agencies. They destroyed whole system of Pakistan. We demand from Federal and Provincial Government to stop harassment of progressive people and take action against those who are involved in this crime.


  12. Adam Malik says:

    WE strongly condemn this hrrassment to advocates of law and justice. And very rightly you mention Marvi that citizens of Pakistan should not need to prove a true Pakistani. However history will give verdict for those doing such kind of harrasment. they will be answerable to the history for their misdeed.


  13. Aijaz Mahar says:

    I have full sympathy with Marvi and her family and condemn such unlawful acts of seluths. Its an old tactic of seluths to harass those people towhom they think are not following their lines. Its a state crime and our honourable judiciary must take note of it. It is the responsibility of the government too to protect the rights of the citizens.


  14. Adv Fayaz Hussain Abro says:

    WE strongly condemn this unlawful act to harassthe advocate of Human Rights, law and justice She needs no certificate from any body to be true Pakistani. Shame on you..With such tactics you can not make anybody true Pakistan.Shame on them.


  15. Sushant says:

    Very sorry to hear of such blatant intimidation. But look at the brighter side of the entire episode. YOU and SIRMED are now VIPs and people of substance. Why else would spooks break into your house? Imagine, sirmed, you and little rwail scaring the daylights out of the omnipotent Pakistani security establishment and making them resort to such low level tactics against you guys!!!! God bless you all.


  16. Mazhar Arif says:

    Dear Marvi, Sarmad and Rawail ! I salute you all for your courage and determination to continue fighting anti-people, fascist forces in the country. The State’s oppressive mechanisms (including harassments, torments) are to force the true patriots to abandon resistance against the agents of foreign masters i.e. US and Saudia Arabia. But, I am sure the people will continue fighting, this way or that way, individually and collectively, till thier final victory. We strongly condemn immoral and unlawful tactics of State’s agencies and assure our full support.


  17. A. N Baloch says:

    We at American Friends of Balochistan strongly condemn the strong arm tactics of Pakistani intelligence agencies to harass its citizens. What we have been saying for a long time that we Baloch are being harassed in our own homes, however, noone has paid attention to it. Chicken coming home to roost. It is rather sad chapter in Pakistan’s history. Maybe end of that country is near.


  18. A says:

    In a state which gives more importance to its self-created ‘ideology’ than its citizens, instead of fulfilling the needs of its citizen, justifies its existence on keeping ‘enmity’ with so-called ‘enemy’ and all its resources are just for the elite, you can not expect security of the citizens from security agencies of that state. Certainly, the ‘patriotism’ of Marvi, Sarmad and their innocent daughter is different from the jingoists and agents of imperialism. We not only sympathize with Sarmads but strongly condemn immoral, unlawful acts of state’s agencies which keeping chasing peaceful citizens.


  19. Qamarullah says:

    The sorry state only depict the highhandedness of our agencies who consider only themselves as loyal to the country and not even the ruling parties or leaders. The whole culture and mindset of the army as well as people had to be changed to ensure a real democracy in the country. Sarmad I am with you and please let me know whenever and where ever you need me !


  20. Abdullah Dayo says:

    Patriotism is not a thing to be publicized and true pakistani does not need to do so. Marvi is well known figure who has been striving for the betterment of pakistani civil society. We strongly condemn the act of devils and on the behalf of Awami Party Pakistan, i assure you that the party workers are always with you.


  21. Rahat Saeed says:

    Dear Marvi and dear Sirmed, I wish to express my solidarity with you in your times of trial and suffering. You are brave and fought for causes of Human Rights and Dignity as well as for the Respect and Honour of the Country and its Institutions. Remain Steadfast. You do not have to prove your loyalty for the country to any one. We the people of Pakistan have not given the right and authority to any individual or agency to br the custodian of Patriotism. Their self styled patriotism has brought the country to this sorry pass that today we are totally shattered internaly and and have become a Laughing stock among the the world community. You are not alone, I am with you as are are all the self respecting and proud people of Pakistan.


  22. fauzia deeba says:

    With great concern over the situation of (in)security in Pakistan, I extend solidarity with my friends and fellows going through the agony and helplessness. Not only do the notorious “men-in-white” commit their usual and typical crimes, but the real cause of frustration is the in-action of the wretched “men-in-black”, right upto the highest level where white and black turns into primary colored ties…!! And then, above all, some people’s attitude bothers me even further, when they in turn suspect the victim of some mysterious activities attracting the perpetrators. As if not being able to pin point the exact names and specific agency means the report was a vague allegation on our ‘honorable agencies’… As if, naming one agency would make the others any different..!! Moreover, this is exactly the question that we expect the Police to answer, not Marvi and Sirmed, for God’s sake. It is not fair for anyone (more than anyone, for your daughter) to have gone through such a frustrating & unforgettable experience. Well, dear friends, keep your nerves intact and stay brave & true as you are now. I have no hopes, but would still like to wish that the top-man with yellow, green, orange and pink ties (one each day) may get the investigation going, so that like one of our friends, we could all come to know the name of the agency. The frustrating question still remains; “even if the culprits are known, who will punish them??” And we all know the cruel answer to that already. My best wishes to the patience and endurance of my common Pakistani fellows.


  23. Zar ali khan musazai says:

    I was shocked to hear but i think it happens in this country, It does notmatter. We have to keep a peaceful fight against such atrocities. It will take time but we have to be patient. Marvi we are with you and do not feel alone.
    Zar ali khan musazai


  24. Qazi Asif says:

    WE strongly condemn this harassment to advocates of law and justice. And very rightly you mention Marvi that citizens of Pakistan should not need to prove a true Pakistani.
    Marvi always proves love and attachment with her country and people. Those who want to harass Marvi should read history.


  25. Hasan says:

    SAFMA is known to be an outreach of India, is an Indian Lobby among our Journalists, and a patriotic Pakistani according to their own definition of ‘patriotism’,Better Luck in future.SAFMA seniors, in public appearances, have not spoken well about Allama Iqbal… They are a prosperous community…among Journalists..


  26. Zafar Hanif Chaudhry says:

    This is sad what had happened toyou and the family. I recall a young couple with their little daughter residing at ferozepur road,fullly enthaustic for their state to be a welfare one & wellbeing of a common of the society. A crime that clergy canot absorb & forgives.The people harrassed you are their production or vice versa. They are intuders only repect themselves & their intrests in generals.The Zia ul Haqi school of thought pervailed upon them;so they are cruel like beasts & act as fox. They will not be successful against determined people. You find them crossing the walls,masses, are facing them in suicidal attacks & I notice them behind Akram, sheikh,A K dogar Roedad khan appearing before the class.I struck when sethi is found struggling for rating. The time of kafirs breathing last ,we will also get rid of munafiqs.Zia’s followers in journalism & others having earned their prices have unveiled their ugly faces.The era of disappointment is coming to a natural end,Now public has discovered hidden hands in politicians, civil & miltary estalishment, judiciary, so called civil society & sponsored NGO’s.Khaliq-e-khuda will tear their masks and bring them to Awami adalats for antipeople crimes.


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  31. Dr shafik says:

    with heartfelt solidarity with sirmid manzoor and condemnation of the unending acts of cowardice and timidity by the security agencies of this land of jumatislamistan.


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