And Hamid Mir Replies


Dear Marvi Sarmad,  

I have just seen your letter.I appreciate your concern and i am  responding your questions despite the advise of my friends and lawyers not to speak on this issue because i can face some legal problems in the future.I don't know much about you.I only know that you are working with some NGO.I have read some of your comments in the past about media and i know you are a critic of us.


First of all i would like to tell you that how i came into contact with Taliban as a journalist.It was PPP Interior Minister who convinced me to listen the Taliban point of view after my column against them.Here is the link of an old article.Please read it.

You said that first i blamed President Zardari and then i blamed ISI for the tape scandal.Then according to you i met President Zardari and i changed my stance.I think you need to give me some references that where and when i said these things?Initially a PPP Senator was speaking against me on different channels.Journalists were asking me questions that do i think it is PPP behind this compaign?I was only saying may be PPP is involved because Senator belonged to PPP.I was trying to avoid making comments but some of journalists,not all of them were publishing stories according to their wishes.I never blamed ISI anywhere.I never met President Zardari in last three weeks.Yes i recieved his messages through different sources that one PPP senator was speaking against me due to some misunderstanding and PPP is not involved in this conspiracy.Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira clerified the whole thing on many TV shows.


You also said that i never spoke or wrote about some holy cows.I don't now what do you mean by holy cows but here is one article about a holy cow 

I recieved threats from Taliban and extremists many times because i did lot of shows against sucide bombings.Some of religious scholars who appeared on my shhows were assassinated by Taliban like Dr.Sarfraz Naeemi.Last year my kids were attacked in Islamabad.JUI-F threatened to kill me.This new group Asian Tigers sent me many threatening emails and i wrote a column against them on May 6th in Jang. 

I can give you references of many columns in Jang and The News written by me against Taliban.Here is one example 

Now come to other questions. 

I never had any information about any upcoming  operations in North Wazirastan.I never attended any official briefing of ISPR or the Interior Ministry about any operations in FATA in last three four months.I never shared any information in this regard with any unidentified person.


I am a proud Muslim.I believe in constitution of Pakistan and this constitution have declared Pakistan an"Islamic Republic" so i am not apologatic of being a Muslim.People know i am a follower of Jinnah and that was why many religious groups hate me like some anti-Islam liberals.


Ahmadis are citizens of Pakistan.Our constitution have declared them non-Muslims but it is our duty to provide them security.They are equal citizens like others as i have also written today in my letter published in The News(Sunday).


Some people like Zaid Hamid have declared me a CIA agent.Some people declared that Khalid Khawaja was a CIA agent.Some people say that he was Taliban agent.No private citizen or group have the right to punish anyone by declaring him a CIA or Taliban agent.Only courts of Pakistan have the right to perform that duty.


Your questions about Taliban are based on some misunderstandings.I have always opposed and condemned their so-called Jehad in Pakistan.I have suffered a lot from their hands and i feel pain when i am answering this question.Please provide me any evidence that in which show or column i supported them?You have used very objectionable language in your questions but i am responding because my hands are clean.


I never demanded any operation in Lal Masjid.In fact i told Musharraf in his face in June 2007 that he was using Lal Masjid drama for diverting the public attention from lawyers movement.I did a show inside Lal Masjid with a government minister Tariq Azim and Maulana Abdul Aziz.They agreed to resolve the issue through peaceful means but Musharraf started operation on July 9th just to divert attention from the APC called by Nawaz Sharif in London.It was a political drama.There were Muslims on both sides none was baatil.I think that some misguided people challenged the writ of state but they were instigated by some government agents.


Now you are asking questions about three years old shows.I never did any one sided show on Lal Masjid.Yes i invited one student of Jamia Hafsa but with a very powerful  government minister Javed Ashraf Qazi(Ex DG ISI) was also sitting with her and at many times i disagreed with the girl.I challenge you to prove that it was a one sided show.I will quit TV if you prove that.


You asked me that what is my cause?I think you dont watch my shows.I have said it many times that ideology of Jinnah should be our cause.I want to see a Pakistan according to the wishes of Allamah Iqbal and Jinnah.If it is objectionable for you then you are free to hate me.

Please mention the date of the other program you mentioned.I think you are mixing me with someone else.


Tape conversation is full of lies about me.I never resigned from Daily Ausaf because of Khalid Khawaja.It a white lie.I resigned from Ausaf to join Jang Group.


Everybody was aware that Khalid Khawaja was kidnapped from North Wazirastan on March 26th.How can i say on thephone to a Taliban militant that Khawaja sahib was in Darra Adamkhel with Tariq Afridi?If the other person was a Taliban militant then why was he asking to me that where is Khalid Kahwaja?


I expect that you must read the application against me given to the police.This application claimed that i sent Khalid Kahwaja sahib to North Wazirastan.I had no contact with him from a very long time.Application said that one journalist purchased the tape from his unknown source for one Lakh rupees.Who is that source?Why a journalist is being used against me.


I am innocent and time will prove that all the alleggations against me were baseless.




Hamid Mir



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