The Islam that is Practiced

Bad smell, huge mass of disoriented people – young and oldn well mostly old – litter, noise, unwanted pushing. . . That was Islamabad airport when I entered this morning at 9 am to catch my Karachi flight. What has gone wrong with place in just few months? I realised that it had been over three months since my last visit. But still, has plane-riding population grown Hyperbolicaly or has PIA introduced cheap meal-less tickets like United Air of USA? Whatever, I thought and proceeded to the window for getting your tickets printed if you've already bought online. You're issued a Passenger Name Record number (commonly called PNR). I had stored it in my blackberry. Tried to get but gosh, it was lost! Another fifteen minutes sorting it out with an extremely lazy man sitting on the window. He seemed tired and disinterested. But why, the day has just started, I thought. The next was getting inside the port building, get boarding card and board on the plane. The ticket checker on the gate suddenly got apprehensive of me and asked my personal identification. Don't know why, but I suddenly thought of My Name is Khan, who introduced himself: "My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist". All the passengers were comfortably getting in and taking their boarding passes. Why me then? I felt like screaming: I'm wearing a sari/bindi and I'm not a spy! Got the pass and proceeded to the lounge. Unbearable smell of sweat. Heads, uncountable. Felt like throwing up. Ran towards the rest rooms only to find ladies packed in that narrow rest room. Chose to have a chit chat with the care-taker of the toilet. Yes, we do have care-takers in public toilets. We lack basic courtesy to flush, clean and dry the toilet after use. I heard we're Muslims and half of our faith lies in cleanliness. I hope I wouldn't die before seeing it happening! The care-taker, Theresa (we have a tradition of keeping minorities especially Christians on certain jobs), looked visibly disturbed. On enquiring she told me, its a Jaddah flight taking people for Umra – the voluntary pilgrimage to Mecca. Here we are. I recalled my father who once came back from Juma prayer and lamented how wasteful Muslims are when it comes to use of water in ablution. He also was wary of people doing ablution and not drying the area after that. I also recalled the condition of the toilet of a mosque when I had to use it once. Is there something genetically wrong with Muslims? Or what exactly? Please help me understand. I'll switch off my cell 'coz the hosrtess says so!


89 thoughts on “The Islam that is Practiced

  1. RizziElahi says:

    Muslims in India and Pakistan are mostly convert. Convert Muslims always tend to over do the religion. Preachers in India and Pakistan did the same thing to Islam there. Over do to Islam was only multiplied over the years in India and Pakistan , Which caused unnecessary fear of Allah all the times in the heart and minds of people.
    Allah is not Jalad or Hitler, Allah is forgivable and love us all. Fear Allah that is why we have to make sure we are good humans but do not miss out all the fun Allah has for you on earth. Specially women paid the highest price.


  2. Ayesha says:

    Well! Marvi , it is the  people who have to be blamed not the religion. we are self conceited idiots, who write in the in internation level newspapers " Mairay Mutabiq " Dr. Shahid Masood, a  self opinionated  top class journalist"" hahahahah what a shame !


  3. RizziElahi says:

    Baghi I agree with as title it self explains the intentions of your article. I blame to our Mullah system, Unless these Mullah's are state controlled and have some kind of qualification before they take over our Mosques. Islam will be hijacked by ignorant Mullahs and the people who fall for them. Results are in front of us. We are only going into drains. Clearly shows Allah is even hating us for the way we have adopted Islam. 


  4. Huma says:

    and these are the people claiming that they'll change the world for better, in name of Islam. Do they even know the basic hygiene and ethics? The one category they are worst in is ETHICS…..


  5. Huma says:

    In the beginning of Islam the mosque would be the place everybody will be welcomed to. The Prophet himself would welcome jews, christians and everyone there, in today's time if a Shia (Ehl-e-Ta'shee) goes to a Wahabi (Ehl-e-Hadith) mosque there is a greater chance of clash; if not at least they'll wash the mosque after they're gone. How the hell do we think these Mullahs will "direct" us towards the betterment of their choice.


  6. Rohit says:

    Well… I gues… its not much to do with being or not being Muslim… Its about the social & economic class… as you've mentioned… Cheap meal-less tickets have increased the airport usage… and the facilities are short of capacity… 
    Hmm… yup the point to be noted at the crux is… The Islam That is practised… so there we go… and from what I understand a clean & pure body is pre requisite for spiritual growth.


  7. HASEEB AHMAD says:

    We impose religion to others to practice, but inside nobody is following religion  especially the spirit of an religion.we clean our body.but spreading trash for others in  the same time.


  8. absurd surd says:

    All 3 parts of Punjab are uniquely susceptible to hypocrisy & excessive show of piety. Perhaps a brutal history religious persecution would account for this fact.  The State further complicates the picture in Western Punjab as it depends on religion to rally an impoverished populace to causes that it would otherwise scarcely care for. Islam will separate its religion from existential reality as time goes by. But can the middle class throw off the State's yokel? That, & not Muslim genetics( know you jest), is the question.  Happy rebellion in a just cause!


  9. Amir says:

    wow, I see you've got countless issues with Islam. no problem with the passage of time, you'll understand things.  Regarding the bath thingy, well this isn't because of islam if you go to any public toilet in developing countries you'll find the same thing.  However, you won't find this thing in middle east where lots of Muslims live so it has nothing to do with Islam, got it?  This is sort of illiteracy.

    Another thing is regarding abultion, your father noticed that muslim wasted a lot of water but he didn't notice that there's no religion on earth who emphasize a lot on cleaness more than Islam.  ablution five times a day keeps the filthiness away from one. YOu should visit remote area of France or europe where people don't like to wash or clean, I hope you'll enjoy your tour there :). If someone wasting water, it's their own fault, islam didn't ask to waste water. Did you find anywhere where Islam asked that don't care of water while ablution. Last but not the least thing, when you observe or notice the things then think unbiasedly. People personal's acts has nothing to do with their religion. And one more thing I've noticed that you need to study a lot about Islam so that you really get to know what exactly islam is? even after facing lots of propagandas, it keeps spreading so there must be something which really attracts people. I hope I removed your confusion.  Thanks.


  10. Arun says:

    Islam being the most strict religion (as far as i know, with all rules and regulations), you expecting people to be self-concious (clean and keepin the mileu clean) is correct. But following Islam or abiding its rules is not going to teach people about social responsibility (for this matter any other religion). Religion should be kept apart and should be personal. Wen one comes out see the wider world he/she should be sensitive and responsible about others sufferings, which is not the case anywhere. So with out social responsibility and kindness in heart wat ever religion you follow you are not complete and god wil never accept yu.


  11. Asif Ali says:

    Bravo, atleast there is someone out there who feels exactly how I do – I remember Nietzsche saying “decadence” and despite being blessed with a great religion of ISLAM, we are more inclined towards our tribal traditions (which I am not) and run this country like a “serfdom” state of Russia.

    I went through the same when I landed in Islamabad from Chicago and Gosh I came to “realize” that WE are highly ill-organized, rude & incompetent.


  12. flight checker says:

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  13. Asif Ali says:

    Today’s Islam is NOT the same we used to have in the days of Prophet Mujammad Sal’lallaho Ailahi Wa’alihi Wassalam, the Britsh came to India and introduced “innovations” through their paid Mullahs. The same Muslims who were tolerant and wide behaviours became Deobandis and Ahmadis who felt it is their job to kill their fellow Muslims.

    In Arabia they (British) created the “Saudi Arabia” instead Mohammdan Arabia, they incited Arab to revolt against Ottoman Turks with the help of Al-Saud and Hashemite Sheriffs.

    Islam was spread in India by many Sufis (AwliyaAllahs) like Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti who converted 9 million Hindus without threatening them with sword and many Sufis did that all across India.

    In Ahle-Sunnah, there are four Imams and nobody called another one a devil, a derivative, an innovator BUT the new generation of Mullahs did that. That started criticizing the other followers, labelled them as “innovators” and came to fist and blows when they think they will lose the ground.

    If ISLAM was violent, why Prophet Muhammad declared to people after the blood-less conquest of Mecca “We are moving now to a bigger Jihad” and why he ordered to spare men who don’t want to fight, why he ordered the enemy (kuffars) protected when they drop the sword & why Prophet Muhammad ordered not to harm women and children.

    ISLAM was and is NOT violent – In this modern age, let me tell you that every so-called Extremist Islamic Organizations are basically being funded and supervised by CIA.

    The rhetoric is easy, make your enemy look like stronger so you can “mow’ them later on, it is just like when CIA herself equipped USSR and provided them with sophisticated technology so they could develop themselves into a formidable enemy – BUT They (CIA) were careful to keep this “technology transfer” upto a certain limit.


  14. Asif Ali says:

    I also need to tell people that ISLAM is tolerant and ISLAM can co-exist with all other religions.

    Since ISLAM is a Monotheistic religion, we all believe in One Supreme Diety that is Almighty God and hence all three Abrahamic religions i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam believes in Monotheism. So according to the commandments of Allah there should be no Polytheism.

    This is a nice blog and we should make a healthy discussion, and yes I have book-marked it too.


  15. Asif Ali says:

    Is this blog being used to mock Islam or the author is feeling kinda allergic to common people – However the airline staff is always hazy in what to do about the rush hour.


    • Baaghi says:

      I would appreciate if you could respond to the issues raised in the post. Do you see otherwise? Do you think its not the reality of the way we have started living while using islam for everything else? Your response (sensible and objective rather than baseless emotionality) is awaited. Many thanks for caring to comment.


  16. Asif Ali says:

    Marvi-ji, you are a gorgeous lady and I have no intention to abuse the subject or try to derail the topic or cause your any embarassment and I know that you’re a busy lady but my point of view is “Despite of what is asked [to obey] in our religion, we have not learnt from it, we definitely are ignorants” – In US thanks is a norm, and when I come back here, It hurt so bad to see people going haywire on the streets while drivin’ BUT let’s not “accuse” Islam for failing – We
    live in a tribal society where the decision is made through the barrel of a gun, we are rude, arrogant people living in a land where justice is long been raped, dead and buried.

    We are the people George Carlin talks about – I am sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience. Next time you be sure that I behave and I promise…. Mucho Gracias


  17. Alam Iftikhar alg says:

    Islam as a religion is quite alright to me. but Islam as a way of life is difficult to follow,No way of life can be followed(or imitated) with out under going any change, say after a thousand years. Islamic way of life is out dated and primitive,and must be modified and updated to make it relevant.


  18. Asif Ali says:

    Alam, so it does mean that you haven’t gone to take a “dump” in years and you hate to eat three times a day and haven’t had a chance (willingly) to sleep as you hate the “everyday” business – Come On Man, have some sense…


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  30. Rizwan Elahi says:

    Islam comes to humans 2 ways. One by obeying Quran and hadees or by making mistakes. Living in USA for 25 years. West is making mistakes and learning from it. What they learn is what Quran tells us at the first place.
    Now we the Muslims do not obey Quran and Hadees and we are not allowed to make mistakes. End result is Jahiliat (ignorance).


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  53. Your Father says:

    Title THE ISLAM THAT IS PRACTICED was suitable enough but the content doesn’t seems to be surrounded on Practice… It was quite hitting the Islam and Muslims directly. you know what.. you need to get out of your shall and see the world with HUMAN EYE not that ANTI MUSLIM EYE. then you will came to know that in Pakistan and India its not ONLY MUSLIMS who doesn’t keep things clean. Its Hindus, Sikhs and many others too. its not the problem of ISLAM its problem of People.. if you have any problem with Islam, I respectfully suggest you to get the hell out of Pakistan and live in any country where you will be using tissues in toilet and so you will not be having that wet toilet trouble in your life 🙂 This is not Pakistan, Its Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Not Liberal whores like you. and mind it idiot “we have a tradition of keeping minorities especially Christians on certain jobs” Please break this tradition and try to Hire those Christians in your Office where you need any graduate or masters even an Intermediate person.why don’t you start it with your home? just because they are illiterate? So sad.. you are so Unfair to Christians.. No? 🙂


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