What Can People Do For Peace?

ppl3Today, our country is confronting a host of issues ranging from economic crunch to more basic challenge of peace and security. Our people are living in a war zone, especially in northern part of our country. Every other day, we hear of a terrorist activity and resultant killings of dozens of innocent citizens. People are sending their kids to educational institutions under strong threat of their security. Our children are growing and youth is living under constant threat to their lives.

In all this mayhem, what makes one thoroughly disappointed is our people’s propensity of being manipulated by so many actors of power game and a highly “corporatized” media, often against the larger good of our beloved country, but for the benefit of few stakeholders of the system.

It is high time to realize our own responsibility instead of putting blames on irresponsible media, “incapable” politicians and ready-to-grab-power institutions of tis fateful country. Let’s try to see where we can make our contribution towards better future of our next generations and of our country.

Let me cite here, how the initiatives from people and the civil society have been preventing war between Peru and Ecuador.  In 1995, for the third time since 1941, Peru and Ecuador went to war. There were calls for a cease-fire, a separation of forces, and negotiations to find a definitive settlement to the longest-running  border dispute in the Western Hemisphere. The diplomatic initiatives concluded, eventually, with the signing of a peace accord on 26 October 1998, in Brasilia. Running parallel to the diplomatic moves, was a process referred to as “citizen diplomacy”—an initiative in which civil-society groups discussed issues underlying the conflict, and ways of resolving it without official and diplomatic constraints.

Similarly, older people – the senior citizens – came out to play their role in resolving the political turmoil in Kyrgyzstan in 2005. A report by HelpAge International states that due to the turmoil, pensions of older people were suspended. They came out and negotiated peace between the conflicting factions of political parties.

But this is not about launching a “mass movement”, it is just to realize our own responsibility and then thinking together what the people can do constructively to get the country out of this labyrinth of problems.

With this view, I’ve launched a series of on-line seminar, for which I’m very grateful to  Ms. Zoia Tariq, for helping me mature this idea. I invite all of you to kindly participate in this seminar under this and post your comments / suggestions. We’ll compile all your recommendations and suggestions into a citizen’s resolution and then put it to action.

You can also place your comments on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marvi-Sirmed/54285023894?ref=ts Earnestly waiting for your contribution!


2 thoughts on “What Can People Do For Peace?

  1. Zoia Tariq says:

    In order to have peace in this country ,we have to stop depending upon the government as apparently it hasn’t done much to improve the prevailing situation. Besides,I am totally against reaching out for the ones who have better things to do than listening to us-the common people. So lets see how can we contribute.

    Here are a few suggestions that can make this country a safer place for all of us:-

    *This apathetic attitude has to change. I have started from my own self. For the first time in years,I have met my neighbors and have requested them to question every stranger roaming around in the vicinity. The fact that I live near a madrassa makes it all the more crucial. And beware of unknown cars parked on the road.

    *Arrange a meeting with the parents in your child’s school and decide upon carpool. Lesser jam on the school street,hence more room to flee if anything happens. Again I tried that too,but haven’t been very successful in convincing the parents.Most believe their child has to be picked in a huge vehicle(Prado/Grand cruiser)with a maid and a driver inside. But I am still trying.

    *Give everyone their right and he/she wont have to turn towards aggression and violence. Most terrorists are doing it for money as they haven’t been given the opportunities enjoyed by the “power” class. What can you do? Pay the people who work for you. Give jobs,not sadqa/khairat.Usually if someone has a purpose to get up every morning,he won’t look for illegal means to earn money.

    *People in media can make a huge contribution in attaining peace. Stop presenting volatile talkshows and printing sensational inside storties about the terrorists. This is what a terrorist wants. Publicity & attention. And it can stop addressing terrorists like Mulla Umar,Mehsood,etc with so much respect. “Wo baat kar rahay thay”,”unhon nay kaha”.Why cant we call these killers “wo keh raha that” or “wo bola”?
    What can we do?Stop watching these appalling programs.Email/call channels to stop airing such stuff.No viewership,no sponsors,so ultimately no nonsensical shows.

    * Do some role playing. Consider yourself a member of citizen police forece(which I desperately want to form).Keep an eye on roads,cars,people,markets. If if feels suspicious,looks suspicious then it is suspicious. Call the police/securiy.Don’t be scared of making a fool of yourself. I am not!


  2. Muchacho says:

    Hi there, a very good read and it sometimes just takes someone to post something like this to make me realise where I’ve been going wrong! Just added the site to my bookmarks so will check back now and then. Cheers.


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