Gilgit-Baltistan Election Rigging Noise – Truth and Lies

pm-at-gilgitWithout completely denying the charges of election rigging in the recent first ever elections of the legislative assembly of Gilgit / Baltistan, I wonder what made the opposition parties (read PML-Q) to submit a resolution against rigging of elections, while there is a constitutional system in place, for the redress of such complaints. Election Commission of Pakistan has this system of receiving and processing such complaints. It should, moreover, not be forgotten that for the first time in Pakistan, the election was held under the supervision of judiciary. Around 300 observers and entire media were present in the area who closely observed the process.

It is however, strange that media elements who were present on ground on the election day, denied the instances of polling day rigging while reporting from the polling stations. They kept on saying, including a senior acnhor / journalist of Geo TV, Iftikhar Ahmad, that no instances of “worst and brazen rigging” as termed by one of the election managers of PML-Q, was seen by the media. But as the days passed by, media mujahideen in Islamabad and Karachi started following the rigging-noise created by few individuals.

It is also noteworthy, that the party who’s making most of the noise, committed / made it self part of worst kind of rigging during the general elections held in 2002. This party was also in the charge of the country when pre-poll rigging events were managed by the political high-ups belonging to this party. In this backdrop, and in the presence of a proper redress system, cooing needlessly about the rigging seems to be nothing but a political point scoring.


4 thoughts on “Gilgit-Baltistan Election Rigging Noise – Truth and Lies

  1. Keyboard Stands says:

    Yo. First of all – nice blog! Secondly this information was also good and interesting to read, but I don’t think everything you have said is real truth. I will need to google about few things you have mentioned in your artcile to make sure. But anyway thanks for the great effort and good luck on writing other articles. P.S sorry for bad English, I aren’t English native speaker.


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